Watch The Final Trailer of Captain America: Civil War
Watch The Final Trailer of Captain America: Civil War 
Whatever you're doing now, stop. Drop your comics. Lower your NERF guns. The final trailer for Captain America: Civil War just landed, and holy crap! It's everything you were praying it would be: emotional, epic, and surprisingly dark, at least by Marvel standards.

And yes, we finally get our first proper look at Tom Holland as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Check out the trailer below...

Once again: Holy crap. Any of the doubters who thought Marvel Studios could never do justice to a comic story as intelligent and high-stakes as the Civil War arc have just been silenced.

THAT'S SPIDER-MAN, Y'ALL. And he's Team Iron Man. Fair to say I'm in heaven right now.

Collect your jaws off the floor, because Civil War is the real deal. The Russo Brothers' movie drops May 6th in North America.